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Ettana - The Looms of Kanchi

An innovative multiplayer game that challenges the weaver in you to create unique and colourful designs across the board. Strategize and plan your moves carefully as there are chances of the board getting disrupted by other weavers (players) at every turn. Be quick and efficient with help of action cards as each and every game will be different than the first. By random arrangement of yarns, every game will always feel like the first game you play. The goal of the game is be the first weaver to gain 8 “Annas” (Victory Points).

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Our company

Just as the name sounds, we indeed are a mad and crazy company who have come up with our first game “ETTANA - The Looms of Kanchi”. Our initial aim was to create a game during the tough COVID-19 pandemic times and have fun with friends. Then as the lightning struck, we decided to take it a step further and publish the game for the world to enjoy just like us.  

We greatly appreciate the love and support we have been receiving from all our friends and families in order to make this game a success and also create more interesting games in the future.

Our goal

Our goal is to create games that are

  • One of a kind and imaginative
  • For the casual gamer in you
  • Traditionally designed and illustrated

Our games


Every board game of ours is intended to be colourful with a touch of Indian culture, art and tradition. On one side the game would be interesting to play and also be a piece of art that would add colour to your collection of board games.
That said, if you are a game creator and would like to publish under the banner of Mad4Fun Games, please do reach out to us at We prefer either a one time payment to purchase the rights of the game from you or a royalty model.