ETTANA - The Looms of Kanchi

An innovative multiplayer game that challenges the weaver in you to create unique and colourful designs across the board. Strategize and plan your moves carefully as there are chances of the board getting disrupted by other weavers (players) at every turn. Be quick and efficient with help of action cards as each and every game will be different than the first. By random arrangement of yarns, every game will always feel like the first game you play. The goal of the game is be the first weaver to
gain 8 “Annas” (Victory Points).
  • Ettana

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Game Reviews

Dr. Chaitanya Chintaluri
Vienna, Austria.

As every player rushes to complete their pattern - the board game changes dramatically before your next turn. This aspect is my favourite bit of Ettana - a necessity to improvise your gameplay. It keeps you on your feet and always on the lookout. I highly recommend you to try this game. It is strategic and fun. I promise that you will get hooked onto it very quickly.

Prabhu Chakravarthy
Zurich, Switzerland

Identifying a strategic game plot that’s easy to grip all age groups and potentially substitute the complexity of sudoku sounded difficult – until Ettana! The spirit of Ettana’ kindles the design thought process, invokes a balanced sense of trade and more importantly engages the players in an intelligent way!